A half-year has passed since the last cooking class.

I feel miss seeing customers from overseas. However, it may be an opportunity to do a new thing so that I started making cooking videos for cooking lovers. I would like to introduce two channels like Skillshare and YouTube in the article today.

  1. Skillshare


If you keen on learning Japanese cooking, I would like to recommend subscribe skillshare. I introduce typical Japanese dishes which are popular in my cooking class like ramen and other dishes.

The recipes are the almost same as that taught in my class and changed a little to cook easily by yourself. And, you can learn not only the recipe but also other cooking knowledge and Japanese food culture. The length of videos is longer than that on YouTube and more knowledgeable and practical.

For example, in the ramen video, you can learn what ramen is, types of ramen, how to make ramen noodles, broth, popular garnishes like Chashu grilled pork, soft boiled seasoned egg and others.

Skillshare is a subscription website but you can watch the video free of charge for two months if you register from the link below.


  1. YouTube


If you are interested in a variety of Japanese recipes both traditional and modern cuisine, I would like to watch the YouTube channel.

There are so many dishes in Japan but only a few dishes are well known abroad such as sushi and ramen. Therefore, I will introduce simple and easy dishes for both non-vegans and vegans on YouTube.

The video may help you to get new recipes and cooking ideas.

Anyway, I’m glad if you enjoy my cooking videos and subscribe to the channels! And, hope to see you at my cooking class someday.