Recently, new classes have started in my cooking studio!!

First one is Matcha parfait cooking class. We make 3 types of Japanese confectionery and black sugar syrup which is common to make Japanese dessert. I had the first class last weekend and Italian and American students joined my class.

1)Making Matcha Ice cream


Matcha is famous and popular in the world. The guests brought high quality Matcha powder bought in Shizuoka prefecture, which is the green tea production area having the biggest amount of tea. We used them to make Matcha ice cream. The matcha ice cream’s taste changes depending on quality and taste of matcha powder. Therefore, please feel free to bring it to cooking class if you would like to bring your favorite one!

2)Making ”Warabi-mochi”

You might not know what warabi-mochi is. In addition, we have many kinds of mochi but I can say warabi-mochi is definitely must-try dessert in Japan. Texture is very soft and like jelly. We usually make it cool and cover them with kinako soy beans powder or pour black sugar syrup just before eating. It doesn’t contain any dairy, eggs and wheat flours so it is vegan friendly and gluten free.

3)Making “Shiratama dango”

Matcha parfait cooking class

Siratama dango means white balled rice cake. It is made from groutious rice but taste and texture are different from mochi. We eat shiratama dango both as a single dish with black sugar syrup and as toppings of parfait.

4)Decoration your own parfait

Matcha parfait cooking class

The most fun part to make the dish is decoration! You can choose a table ware what you like and decorate your own parfait. I have a lot of tablewares as I work as a food stylist and am a tableware lover! Choosing good tableware is very important to make food looks beautiful. I also prepare some fruits or snacks for decoration. Let’s decorate the parfait with your creativity!

Matcha parfait cooking class

Japan is getting hotter so the parfait should be good refreshment!

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