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Sushi and miso soup class
Nous avons fait un cours de sushi et soupe miso. Ce qui est bien c'est que chacun a son plan de travail et fait sa propre assiette. Elle nous mets a l'aise il y'avait une tres bonne ambiance. Elle nous donne plein de conseil et de petites astuces. Je recommande les yeux fermés
Jonathan from France
September 2019 (Tripadvisor)
Saeko is a good host and teacher. The class was easy to follow and each step explained well. I have done two classes with Saeko now and both were great value.
Stephen from Australia
June 2019 (Airbnb)
I really enjoyed the sushi class and highly recommend this class to my friends. I glad that I am the first student from my country for her class
Thompson from Hong Kong
May 2019 (Airbnb)
Cooking class with Saeko is a very enjoyable experience. She was well prepared and we started cooking soon after our greeting. Saeko writes instructions and demonstrates the process of sushi making clearly. She taught us about other aspects of the food culture in Japan. We learned just what we need to know to go home and make our own miso soup and sushi.
Rosemary from the U.S.
May 2019 (Airbnb)
A quick and fun cooking experience for you in Osaka. She will teach you which ingredients to buy and how to properly prepare them into tasty food. we left looking forward when cooking at home. 5 star!!!
Mathias from Brazil
April 2019 (Airbnb)
Highly recommend! Saeko is a wonderful host. Great communication before and during the booking. She directed us to the train station very well. The whole experience of making Sushi and Japanese food was so unique and personal. It was wonderful to hear her knowledge and stories. And the food we cooked we got to eat afterwards, it was all delicious. 10/10.
Beth from the U.K.
April 2019 (Airbnb)
I had a fun time learning how to make sushi and miso soup with Saeko. I've always tried to make sushi at home, but throughout that time I never would've known if I was doing it correctly. Saeko was kind and hospitable as she came to meet us at the train station and walked us to her place and served us tea throughout the duration of the experience. She had taught us how to make sushi and miso soup with a 'theory and practical' approach all the while enjoying each other's company and conversations. I appreciated Saeko's patience and humility when I was trying to learn how to make sushi the proper way.
Evan from Australia
Jan 2019 (Airbnb)
Ramen and gyoza class
Saeko was a wonderful host and a great teacher/chef. We laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed our time learning to cook gyoza and ramen. If anyone is looking for an authentic and private/semi-private cooking class, this is the place for you!
Struan from the U.K.
September 2019 (Tripadvisor)
Loved this cooking class! A bit off the beaten path, so the area is quiet and homey. Saeko is quite knowledgeable, and gave us a ton of tips to customize our ramen and ways to make it easily once we get back home. Her home is cozy and has great working space so the four of us could all participate. I really appreciated not only background information on the ingredients, but also that she explained traditional Japanese table settings! 10/10 would recommend 🙂
Alissa from the U.S.
September 2019 (Airbnb)
its really great experience on learning traditional way of cooking ramen. Saeko san is very friendly and well explain on the cooking steps. She is very punctual at the meeting point. Highly recommend.
Ivy from Malaysia
September 2019 (Airbnb)
It was a great experience learning to cook and eating together. The host is super friendly and professional. I would recommend this experience to everyone who wants a better look into the japanese cuisine.
Simon from Austria
September 2019 (Airbnb)
It was lovely cooking together with Saeko! The gyoza and ramen were delicious, and we got valuable tips for when we want to cook it at home - which we'll definitely try!
Josefin from Switzerland
September 2019 (Airbnb)
Absolutely loved it! My wife and I made guyoza and Ramen and it was delicious. I particularly loved that the Ramen recipe is super easy to make and we will be able to get the ingredients back in Australia to make it at home. We came from Kyoto and found easy to get there. We loved our experience with Saeko! She was so lovely. Highly recommend!
Renaud from Australia
September 2019 (Airbnb)
Cooking with Saeko was one of the highlights of our trip and we are so glad we decided to sign up. It made for a relaxing, fun and delicious experience. Trying our hands at making the food ourselves was a little tricky at times, but Saeko provided clear instruction and more than a handful of useful tips to make things easier. We’ll certainly try to replicate the recipes once we get back home (and hopefully not rupture the soft boiled egg next time).
Cynthia from the U.S.
August 2019 (Airbnb)
Saeko gave a fantastic experience, clear instructions on how to get there and good communication throughout. I was made to feel very welcome. The cooking itself was amazing, I learned so much and was encouraged to give everything a try along the way. I would definitely recommend Saeko, if I return to Osaka I'll be booking another session!
Harrison from Australia
August 2019 (Airbnb)
We had an awesome experience. We really connected with Saeko and the other attendees. It really was a great learning experience and a great memory for our trip to Japan. The ramen tasted amazing and I found out I’m not the best at forming gyoza but it was fun to attempt. Thank you Saeko for the awesome experience and I highly recommend this experience.
Mike from the U.S.
August 2019 (Airbnb)
Very nice experience. Saeko is a great host and cooking expert, she gave us a sensation of being in family. The food we had prepared was very good and funny to create
Gabriele from Italy
August 2019 (Airbnb)
I have done many cooking classes abroad and this one was amazing! We left satisfied and excited to try our new skills at home
Tegan from Australia
July 2019 (Airbnb)
If you’re looking for a cooking class here’s you’re answer! Heck even if you’re not, go! Saeko is a great host, teacher, and chef. My partner and I learned a lot about cooking (specifically traditional Japanese tricks and common practices). We left happy and with full bellies. Highly recommend.
Kaycee from Canada
July 2019 (Airbnb)
Amazing fun and learnt sooo much! So glad I did this!!!
Adrijana from Australia
July 2019 (Airbnb)
Have a very fun cooking time with saseko san. She is very patient and teach so well. Enjoy so much.
Sue from HongKong
July 2019 (Airbnb)
Cooking Ramen with Saeko is an amazing, unique opportunity to introduce new cooking techniques into your kitchen at home. If you are into cooking, this is the experience for you. Saeko took the time to explain each ingredient and it's purpose to us. Also, the meal you prepare together is excellent. Highly recommend paying Saeko a visit while in Osaka
Yacov from the U.S.
June 2019 (Airbnb)
I had such a great time visiting Saeko's place and learning how to make Ramen and gyoza. We met her at the train station, which is a 30 minute train ride away. The town is very Japanese, which made us feel like locals on our daily commute out of the city. Her home is then a short walk away from the station. The experience felt very authentic as we made everything (wrappers, broth, pork, egg, gyoza filling) from scratch and her home is welcoming and very clean. She explains each step of the recipe she has created in detail. Everything was super detailed and well thought out. Had such a wonderful experience, thank you!
Jane from HongKong
June 2019 (Airbnb)
I thoroughly enjoyed cooking with Saeko. She was very patient explaining the steps and super friendly inviting us into her beautiful home. Saeko has great English and lots of experiences to share. After we learned how to make ramen and gyoza, Saeko explained how to set the table Japanese style and we sat together to eat. The food was really good. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone visiting Osaka.
Ashleigh from Australia
June 2019 (Airbnb)
Wir hatten sehr viel Spaß und das Essen hat toll geschmeckt. Uns wurden alle Fragen beantwortet und Saeko hat uns super Geheimtipps gegeben. Vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit!
Nathalie from Germany
June 2019 (Airbnb)
A great experience. Saeko made us feel welcome in her home. She carefully and clearly explained each step including some really valuable tips. We got to taste at different stages of the process to understand the differences between steps. The end result was a sense of accomplishment and a great meal. Thank you Saeko
Stephen from Australia
June 2019 (Airbnb)
An enjoyable and personal experience with someone who takes great pride in her cooking and her country. Would highly recommend.
Robert from Australia
June 2019 (Airbnb)
Seako was a fantastic host who met us at the train station and guided us on a short walk to her lovely studio. She introduced us to all of the ingredients and offered us to try them if they were unfamiliar to us. We participated in all the cooking under her guidance. The end meal was super yummy. Especially the home made grilled pork. We will definitely attempt to reproduce our meal once we return home. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and allowing us to experience our yummy recipe.
Shaun from Australia
June 2019 (Airbnb)
We learned a lot. The atmosphere was cosy and inviting. Saeko was a great host and the food was delicious. Would highly recommend this!!
Toby from Ireland
May 2019 (Airbnb)
Really enjoyed the class! It was great having an authentic experience in someone’s home. Both the Gyoza and Ramen we made were delicious and we even made the dumpling skins from scratch! The ramen itself was the same and she showed us how to easily make a good ramen at home without the need to cook a nice broth for 36 hours like they do in the restaurants.
Alex from the U.K.
May 2019 (Tripadvisor)
We had a really fun time cooking with Saeko. She was very experienced and taught us how to make the dishes using ingredients we can easily buy from home without sacrificing the taste. In addition, she was very friendly and personable. Was definitely worth it and we are looking forward to host a Japanese dinner when we are home.
Hushna from the U.K.
May 2019 (Airbnb)
My boyfriend and I loved our cooking class with Saeko. We made ramen and gyozas, which were delicious. Saeko was a great teacher, explaining and demonstrating techniques, before we had a go ourselves. Would definitely do another course with her.
Helena from the U.K.
May 2019 (Airbnb)
We had the best time cooking with Saeko in her home. She was super friendly, welcoming and fun! Saeko made everything seem totally doable on our own at home- we are so excited to cook what we learned for our loved ones. And the meal - delicious! Highly recommend!
Kim from Canada
May 2019 (Airbnb)
Saeko is a very sweet lady with a lot of patience. she’s very friendly and approachable!! the food she taught us how to make tastes delicious. would definitely try out this recipe at home 🙂 thank u
Jialing from Singapore
May 2019 (Airbnb)
We had a great time learning ramen and gyoza making with Saeko in her beautiful Japanese apartment! Truly a unique experience in Japan and the food turned out delicious!
Michele from Singapore
April 2019 (Airbnb)
We had a very nice cooking class with Saeko. She is very friendly and teach us how to cook traditional ramen and gyoza. That was incredibly tasty and good, we felt so proud ! We really spent a good moment and recommend Saeko cooking lesson to anyone who want to learn about japanese kitchen and culture.
Isaure from France
Feb 2019 (Tripadvisor)
Nous avons préparé des Gyoza et des Ramen avec Saeko... La rencontre est délicieuse par la qualité de la relation humaine et par la saveur des plats préparés ! Nous sommes accueillis comme en famille et le cours est adapté. Notre niveau lamentable en anglais n’a pas été un obstacle ! Nous sommes enchantés de ce bon moment passé avec notre hôte local. Merci Saeko!
Jean from France
Feb 2019 (Tripadvisor)
Matcha parfait and Japanese Tea class
Saeko-San is very talented! She taught us quick ways to make incredible ramen plus all the little tips and bits you need to make it taste expert-level! She was caring and understanding and she accommodated to allow me to take 2 lessons in one day, slowing me to start extra early to not interfere with the other activities, I’m eager to try this at home! (Plus she gives you alternative ingredientes that you can actually find back home!)
Andrea from Mexico
August 2019 (Airbnb)
We loved the experience so much! The parfait we made was delicious! And the host was really nice! It is exactly the kind of experience we were looking for. Thank you so much!
Wanning from China
July 2019 (Airbnb)
“Izakaya” Japanese pub food and Local sake pairing class
Saeko is a great host and chef. We learned a lot about traditional Japanese food and ingredients and had a lot of fun together.
Wassim from Germany
September 2019 (Airbnb)
Vegan Sushi and miso soup class
Genial!!! Fue una clase muy divertida y aprendí mucho, una chef y profesora de 10!! La recomiendo, se preocupa por ti y va a tu ritmo!!
Cristina from Spain
September 2019 (Airbnb)
Saeko was wonderfully patient with us from the beginning as we were confused by the Osaka metro, and were 20 minutes late! She treated us happily and didn’t put any pressure on us to rush beyond our ability. She’s an expert in food, and we left far more knowledgeable about Japanese cuisine than when we started. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was clean and easy to work in. 10/10 would recommend to vegans and meat eaters alike who enjoy getting to know wonderful people and eating delicious food. This is a must for all vegans traveling near Osaka or Kyoto (it only 30 minutes away from Kyoto using the Shinkansen). Thanks again Saeko!
Drew from the U.S.
August 2019 (Airbnb)
My younger kid is very restless and she is very accommodating and patience. My family like it a lot and its very tasty and at least now we know how to make authentic sushi now. Thanks a lot and letting us feel very comfortable.
Jasmine from Singapore
June 2019 (Airbnb)
Saeko was a great sensei. She had a tremendous amount of knowledge about sushi making and miso soup. My wife and I had a great time making sushi and miso soup. We also shared stories and travel while cooking. Thank you so much Saeko-san for welcoming my wife and I into your lovely home. We would definitely do it again. Mahalo!
E.J. from Hawaii
May 2019 (Airbnb)
During a recent visit to Kobe, Japan, I completed a ‘Vegan Sushi & Miso Soup’ cooking class with Saeko at her Cooking Studio. Saeko is a wonderful teacher; she is friendly and professional, and her class was a cultural and fun experience. Our pre-class communication was via email and Saeko provided clear and accurate directions (in English) which enabled me to arrive at the designated meeting point at the required time. For the class, Saeko provided all ingredients, cooking utensils and even nice serving plates for my culinary creations! She also supplied an apron for me to wear in class and a printed easy-to-read copy of the recipes from our class (in English), which included key ingredients and helpful tips. Class duration was 3 hours, which included ‘dining time’ afterward, when Saeko and I sat down to enjoy the delicious food we had created in class. I very much enjoyed my experience at Saeko’s Cooking Studio and highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn how to create authentic (and healthy) Japanese cuisine in your own home, with a minimum of fuss. I will certainly attend another of Saeko’s classes when I next visit Kobe.
Janet from Australia
May 2019 (Tripadvisor)
This was a great way to see how locals live and cook. Saeko showed us non traditional way to make sushi but explained what Japanese people would do in a more traditional way. We took my daughter with us she liked to help but best with adults. Saeko is warm and opened her home to us quite freely.
Aimee from Australia
April 2019 (Airbnb)
Seasonal class
A great lesson - we all really enjoyed it! Saeko was incredibly accommodating even though we were such a large group of 7. She also took us to a park popular with locals to see the cherry blossoms. It was definitely an experience we wouldn't have gotten if we had just toured Osaka by ourselves. She also gave us lots of great recommendations for restaurants in the area that she enjoys. We will definitely take a class with Saeko again if we're ever back in Japan.
Alina from the U.S.
April 2019 (Airbnb)
Saeko San is very good at designing, making and decorating beautiful food. She is familiar with locals, very friendly to us, also very helpful to our questions!! Good Shishi and Sakura experience!
Julia from Singapore
March 2019 (Airbnb)
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